University of Louisville and The Green Movement

Originally posted on The Cadet:

At the age of 18, (give or take a few years) you fly from the nest and move to college, embarking on your journey from dependent to independent (mostly). What happens when momma bird quits cooking and cleaning for you though? You’re left to fend for yourself and travel out into the world for sustenance.  PIZZA EVERY NIGHT! Papa John’s, Comfy Cow ice cream, and Qdoba burritos are within walking distance. Who needs nutrients when all of these delicious treats are so readily accessible, Right? Wrong.

The Courier Journal (Louisville’s main newspaper) on May 28, 2014 described Louisville as a Fat City at #49 in fitness out of the 50 states they examined. The Courier Journal presented the following facts:

Only 12 percent of Louisville-area residents eat three or more vegetables a day, far less than the goal of 20 percent. Bad behaviors contribute to higher levels of disease. Twelve…

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