What I Did Instead of Writing This Post

Mandatory Ramblings of A College Grad

This morning I created a to-do List to accomplish after I was finished with class for the day.

  1. Work Out
  2. Write My Blog Post For Online Journalism Class
  3. Finish Reading and Taking Notes on Chapter 7 for Marketing Capstone
  4. Highlight Said Notes (Orangefor definitions, Pink for main ideas etc…)
  5. Create Outline for Part A of Part 2 for Capstone Project
  6. Read a Chapter or Two from Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  7. Work a little on that new novel idea I have

Except it’s 11.30 pm and I’m just now finally writing this post. 

Here’s everything I did instead of the above list.

  1. Tried sending the fiance an email with a video of my boss singing 
  2. Actually did go to the gym for 2 hours
  3. Then walked back to my apartment
  4. Tried to eat dinner but discovered I have no food (that I wanted)
  5. Walked back to campus to get…

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