Let’s Get Started!

Seriously, does anyone honestly like hearing those words? If I were to start writing the basic steps of how to read these very words I’m writing, carefully walking you through every syllable and sentence, would you still read this?

baby-reading Who’s a good little genius? Who’s gonna smack me with that book? That’s right, you are! You are!

The premise is ridiculous, degrading, and more often than not turns away any kind of audience in an instance. Yet, this is something numerous video games have fallen prey to for years.

Instructional displays in gaming are a touchy matter. Do it, and you risk oversimplifying a game and slowing down the mechanics of the beginning, a time where you are trying your best to wow your audience with the pacing, story, and characters. Don’t, and you end up confusing the same audience by putting them in constant confusion of…

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