It’s Walking Dead Time, Coral!

Weekly Ramblings.

It’s about the time again! The Walking Dead is picking back up this Sunday after leaving fans with a heart-wrenching mid-season 5 finale (caution: there may be spoilers!). We’ve been through the ups and downs of a team of people trying to find some salvation in a world of chaos. Rick Grimes has survived waking up abandoned in a hospital, Lori, a zombie-filled barn, prison fights, an evil Governor, and a cannibalistic Terminus. When is this guy and his compadres going to get a break? On the way people have come and gone, but fortunately his son Carl (and hopefully Judith aka Little Asskicker) is here to stay.


The Walking Dead empire has been pulling at our heart-strings lately, but somehow we want more. We need to know what comes next! Fortunately for us, there are plenty of other The Walking Dead related things to keep us entertained while we wait…

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