Semis and Bridges


We all know how terrifying semis can be and how bad it can truly get in the narrow streets of Louisville with one. That’s all bad, but what’s really bad is actually seeing one wreck.

So this story starts out pretty mediocre for a college student. Walking home after work/class worrying about the next day. By this point, I’m pretty positive everyone has seen the clearance warnings posted on everything that’s within view of your car’s windshield. Most people don’t have to worry about them because, well let’s be honest, who is going to be driving a car that’s over ten feet tall? A semi-truck driver, though, should probably look at those.

Anyways, the bridge for the train beside the Speed School is pretty renowned for being impassable by semis. I’m pretty sure there’s even a flashing clearance sign to tell them not to even try to go through there…

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