Invisible Girlfriends and Bad Romances


Day 13 – Last week I was practicing voice tracking and making my voice sound more radio-like. I want a sultry voice like all of the DJs I love! I’ve always experienced people making comments about my voice being loud or shrill. No one hates being told that more than me. Now that it has been brought to my attention I always notice it when I listen to my voice recordings. I practice in my off time to keep my voice at lower registers, which I constantly think about.

2015 Grammys

Lynda wasn’t here today, although I missed her, it was nice to steal her rolling chair during the show and ditch the uncomfortable stool. Since it was a Tuesday I was allowed to brief listeners on the latest Bachelor episode. I’ve been keeping up with the Bachelor for the first time in life solely to have material each week for the…

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