Senior Stress vs. Regular Stress

Weekly Chronicles of a College Senior

Let’s just begin by breaking these two down:

Regular Stress: Stress the average human has to deal with. Examples include work, school, traffic, relationships, etc. Things that add stress on any typical day.

And the latter, Senior Stress: the enormously important, yet extremely tedious and seemingly impossible task of actually graduating on time, and everything that goes with that. So you take all of the regular stresses, and then you add on the definitive element of “If I mess this up, I’m not graduating”. We must turn everything in, we cannot skip classes, we cannot do bad on anything, because ultimately, we cannot fail ANY of our classes, or we WILL be screwed into staying in this earthly hell yet another semester, equating out to another seven months after the spring term ends.

stress-memeBut to put a bow on an already perfect package of stress and anxiety, let’s now add…

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