Indie vs. AAA; which one truly goes for the gamer vibe?


Call of Duty. Halo. God of War. Mario. Dark Souls, The Elder Scrolls. All titles that define what it is to be a gamer, sure, but are they really what a gaming audience desires? Earlier I talked about how sequels (at least in my opinion) start downgrading the overall creative flow in gaming.

video-games-black-broken-sony-console-crash-playstation-destroyed-crush-dualshock-gamepad-controller_www.wallmay.com_44 You may recall it was the piece that made you want to throw this at me.

What if it’s a deeper issue though? That it’s not so much the fact that it’s a sequel, but it’s one from a trusted series? A AAA title, if you would.

energizer I knew this guy was trouble all along. Nothing’s that adorable without an ulterior motive.

Before I get into it again, let me remind you; I love games, especially a lot of the ones I’m about to purposefully bash. But it’s due to that love that I wish to bring…

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