22 Thoughts You Have When You Go From an All Girls Catholic High School to a Co-Ed College

Mandatory Ramblings of A College Grad

  1. What am I possibly going to wear today? Where are the uniforms? Life was so simple in high school. Day one and I already want them back.
  2. Why are all these girls so dressed up? Are you wearing make up? How early did you get up?!
  3. Oh my gosh! Did a boy just walk by?
  4. And there goes another…
  5. Boys…Why are there so many boys??? They’re EVERYWHERE, it’s like the plague.
  6. When did he get in this classroom? Where was my warning that there were boys in the building?!
  7. I wonder how long I can stare at him before I get pregnant and die…
  8. Who is this teacher? She’s not a nun? I demand to know her credentials! Did the diocese approve her? Do they let just anyone teach at this place?!
  9. We’re just going to start class? Where’s the prayer? How am I supposed to know class is starting…

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