Limits, Stereotypes, and Mecahnics; Crossing the Gender Gap in Gaming


Alright, let me be another martyr for the world about this touchy subject, except this time don’t try to bomb threat my building. Gaming’s had it rough over the past few years as its cultural relevance went on the rise. Sure, money was made, developers started making bigger and better projects with the advent of new technology, but damned if society didn’t start noticing those pesky tropes and stereotypes that, you know, degraded a certain part of civilization.

Woman Hint; they look an awful lot like this.

The cultural divide between men women representation in gaming has been rather staggering, especially considering that the split between gamers in the genders is near 50/50 (according to TEDx host Stirling Little anyway, but what does he know?)

TED The only ideas they’re spreading? Terrible un-lies by way of PowerPoint

Yet, it’s not only representation that’s skewed. YouTube Channel Extra Credits, a group known more…

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