20 Thoughts We Have While Job Hunting

Weekly Chronicles of a College Senior

Looking for a grown-up job is as scary as it is exciting. In a perfect world, you start by handing your resume to some influential hands, hoping for an “in” to the company of your dreams. If that isn’t an option, you spend hours scouring job listings from different sites and perfecting your LinkedIn profile in hopes of the right someone stumbling upon your greatness. You go over your resume with a fine-toothed comb and even send it to a few of your superiors and professors for an honest opinion. When everything is as perfect as you think you can make it, you start sending out the paper version of you to as many job listings as you can, in hopes of getting one of the hundreds you may apply for. It’s like deciding what you want to eat and realizing there’s nothing in the house. You go to the refrigerator…

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