Is Louisville Going to Flood?


louisville flood 5

Well, not that Snowpocalypse 2015 is seemingly over – hold for applause – Louisville is now apparently faced with the possibility of flooding. Great. That sounds like a wonderful addition to the weather this semester. But in all seriousness, it’s a little concerning when you see the pictures of the river and hear about the rain chances this weeks. Do I think the river wold breech the levies? No. But this surge of water into the river is going to take its toll on a lot of places.

louisville flood 1

Streets in Downtown Louisville have already been shutdown due to the flood waters with the water already topping 55 feet, Louisville is already considered in the “flood” stage. This isn’t expected to be anything of severe impact, but I’m sure everyone can think back to the 2009 flash flood that had a severe impact on Louisville. It does make everyone a little…

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