Vibes, challenges, and creative overloads; what makes gaming good?


Beyond the developer and audience criticism that I have hashed out here there is something so fundamental about gaming that it deserves being looked at. No, not the ever tiresome and ridiculous console wars or worse, console vs. pc

pc vs console If I were to do such an article, the utter rage of the interwebs would swallow me in a black hole, so stay tuned to see if I survive.

Mechanics, graphics, storyline, gameplay, yes those are the building blocks of what produce great and memorable games, but what makes us play them? How do we gamers suddenly find ourselves planted in the same spot hours on end, look at the clock, and not even care because oh my god this game is awesome?

1008_chunky_stan Answer; hundreds of Doritos, Mountain Dew, and some questionably colored liquids in mason jars off screen. Next question, good sir?

Regardless of the competitions and higher levels…

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