Internships: Oh the Agony.

Weekly Ramblings.

Look at you! You’re finally at that stage in your educational career to start adding experience to your resume. I mean if you don’t intern somewhere then you will have no real world experience. This is gonna be fun and exciting right?


They make internships seem so awesome in movies and on TV, but none of those actors have looked for an internship for themselves. Trying to find an internship is hard enough, but then you need to have a great resume and cover letter and interview. Just when you think you’re in the clear because you finally landed an internship, you find out you’re not getting paid.

what the last man on earth

All of your engineering friends are finding these kick ass co-ops that pay incredibly well and you’re considering changing your major. Then you remember that you loathe math. But seriously, when is the internship fairy going to bless me…

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