Medieval Combat Makes A Comeback

Beth Beck's Blog

Medieval combat is a less commonly recognized sport that has been regaining popularity in recent years. Louisville is well known for its achievements in sports such as basketball and football, thanks to their athletic teams, the Louisville Cardinals. Louisville offers an abundance of sports programs for both athletes and fans to get involved with, some more common than others. The Belegarth Medieval Combat Society has one chapter, or realm, in Louisville called Dun Abhon. They host weekly gatherings at Cherokee Park every Sunday at 2:00 pm.

On a warm, sunny Sunday, a broad array of individuals can be found at the park. Joggers, Frisbee throwers, and dog walkers can easily be spotted throughout the day. The Belegarth group meets in the heart of Cherokee Park, at the Frisbee field. They provide ample entertainment to passersby and encourage park patrons to get involved. The leader of the group, Andy Schwartz, welcomes…

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