Wait What?!

Weekly Ramblings.

It’s incredibly hard to believe that I am finally turning 21! I have waited so long for this most precious day, but now that it is finally upon me I don’t know what to do.


There are so many thoughts and concerns swirling in my head:

1. What the hell are all these shots?

2. Man those bouncers look pretty scary.

3. I promise my I.D. is real I just got it!

4. Yay! A horizontal license!

5. Should we go to 4th Street or Bardstown Road?

6. OMG Margarita Wednesdays!

7. Ordering that IPA was the worst decision in my life. Never Again.

8. How am I supposed to get home now? Thank god for Lyft.

9. Do you have any happy hour specials? Oh, I just missed it awesome.

10. Man, I really should have just pre-gamed at home this is getting expensive.

11. Ooh!…

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