This is Ridiculous

Weekly Ramblings.

Have any of you been to the movies recently? I had not until this past week. Between work and school, going to the movies isn’t exactly at the top of my list. I haven’t been in quite a long time, but even if I do go I make sure to take advantage of discounted Tuesdays. Obviously a poor college student here.

help me

So, when my boyfriend wanted to go to the new Fast and Furious movie I was game to go. Clearly this was a terrible and very expensive idea! After avoiding high ticket prices for so long I was astonished at the amount they asked for after our rather rude transaction began. Over forty bucks to see the latest blockbuster hit! FORTY DOLLARS! Sure we saw it in IMAX, but that is definitely not worth that amount, ever. And they wonder why people are no longer going to their local…

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