Finals are Coming.

Weekly Ramblings.

We are almost there everybody! Finals are just around the corner and then we are finally free! Thank you sweet baby Jesus. But, just as we are almost able to relax for 4 glorious months, we still have to take horrendous finals and finish all those final projects. Of course, we all go through numerous stages of denial, depression, anger, fear, and finally acceptance. Let’s just go through all the thoughts and emotions during this treacherous week.

1. OMG…why did I put this off until the end of the semester?! This could have been done weeks ago!

look at all these

2. I am never going to procrastinate again. Wait, who am I kidding.


3. Okay, well let’s at least make a to-do list to get everything organized.

4. Okay that just took 2 hours to make a detailed and color coded list. Clearly just procrastinating even more.

time wisely

5. Why does almost everything have…

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