Louisville MegaCavern

Weekly Chronicles of a College Senior

Founded by Ralph Rodgers in the 1930s, the 100 Acre Limestone Cavern now features all different kinds of “Mega” adventures, in seventeen miles worth of underground passageways underneath the city of Louisville. It was created by a gigantic limestone quarry created in the early 1930s and ran until the 1970s. However, after the Louisville Zoo moved in above, and after some mining laws had changed, blasting was no longer allowed in the quarry. It laid abandoned for about a ten years after that. In 1989, investors saw the quarry as an opportunity to develop into an “environmentally-conscious”, high security, commercial storage facility.

So since the 1990s, recycled building materials have been taken here and been reused to fill holes, create floors, build roads and storage space, and construct offices. Because of these advances, the MegaCavern is considered the biggest ‘building’ in Kentucky. It is obviously a unique kind of building…

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