Forecastle’s Lineup Lacks Local Flavor

Thunder Under Louisville


Louisville’s Forecastle Festival keeps coming up short on of its most vital ingredients: Louisville.  According to the annual festival’s website, “Forecastle has consistently promoted local artists.”  Why then is Louisville’s wealth of musical talent so underrepresented?  By my count, there five local acts among the nearly sixty artists in the lineup (and that’s counting My Morning Jacket, for whom the term “local” is a little bit of a stretch these days).

mymorningjacket_snl_080510b Thanks, Forecastle. My Morning Jacket clearly wasn’t getting enough promotion.

Aside from MMJ, this year’s local lineup features Houndmouth, White Reaper, Twin Limb, and Dr. Dundiff and Friends.  The range of styles these artists offer hints at the rich variety of local acts available: White Reaper’s powerful, noisy punk, Twin Limb’s haunting, psychedelic dream pop, Houndmouth’s light folk rock, and Dr. Dundiff’s unique meld of hip hop, funk, rock, and general weirdness.  While these acts are each worthy of…

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