The Best Things in Life are Free

Thunder Under Louisville

Professional musicians love to complain about the direction the music industry is headed.  David Byrne of Talking Heads fame thinks that the internet threatens to suck all creative content out of the world, Prince files lawsuits against his fans, and Jay-Z struggles to change the future of music streaming with his own paid-subscription-only streaming service.  These guys paint a bleak picture.  If no one pays artists for their work, the argument goes, then artists will have to stop producing it.

diddy-jay-z Diddy and Jay-Z are just two of the artists struggling to put food on the table in today’s economy.

This kind of argument ignores the fact that the overwhelming majority of artists in the world weren’t making money in the first place–and in many cases, they didn’t expect to.  The expectation that music could be a realistic avenue to fortune and glory has been on the way out…

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