American Idol Goes Bye Bye ‘


It comes as a huge shocker to everyone that American Idol was cancelled…………I can’t even say that with a straight face. How many Americans were even aware that American Idol was still coming on in 2015? Honestly I’ll sort of miss American Idol, when it first started it took the world by storm we were like “wow real life people with these somewhat sob stories, being able to turn their lives into something great!” However AI got pretty stale after a while.

The decline of American Idol has almost a 1000% to do with the fact that Simon Cowell left. Simon Cowell left 5 years ago, so American Idols expiration date is about 5 years over due. American Idol was really one of those shows that drew fans because of its antics, the auditions towards the beginning of the season we’re probably some of the funniest TV I’ve ever experienced…

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