A Bad Break


breaking_badLaying in bed on a Sunday afternoon, rain tapping on my window, phone dry…what every will I do?!  I pick up my playstation controller and navigate to Netflix. Scrolling through the movies and TV shows…there’s so many choices that I can make. Looking though each vague and boring synopsis I settle on once I’ve heard mentioned before, many times, by many people. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd but I’ll give it a shot…just one episode won’t kill me.

Last words.

Breaking Bad, in a word…Amazing!
What can I say…great screen writing and excellent casting are the basis of the long-term captivating series! Not to mention the phenomenal cinematography that beautiful captures the gorgeous majestic views of the Southwestern United States.
The series shoes the vast transformation of a dorky high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. His life consists of work, his pregnant wife in her…

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