A Sorority Girl and Gay Stylist Walk Into a Bar…


Technically, I’m an ex sorority girl. The other night I just finished one of my first shifts at a local Irish pub (how I got that job is another story), when I decided to finally familiarize myself with the menu by trying my first fish taco.

“OH GOD. If you worked where I worked honey, saying that ‘you’re trying your first fish tah-coh’ would be like hyenas over a cow!”

By this point in my life, I attract more gay men than straight men, so I’ve learned to cock my head back (no pun intended), and laugh at whatever they say.

We started talking, and I told him about my first waitressing job there at the local pub, and he told me a his story – which took me aback more than that over flamboyant hyena comment. This guy was a – no the celebrity stylist. I felt honored to…

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