Chronicles of Being Chronically Late


What do you mean “on time is late?”

1. Sorry little brother, for getting you all those detentions in high school. But Starbucks was on the way and we we’re already 30 minutes late anyways. 

– how my brother felt for two years every morning.

2. 10 out of 10 times, I am not on my way. I’m still in bed peeps. 

Gif says it all.

3. If you had my taste in comforters, you wouldn’t leave either. 

As I type, completely wrapped in my heavenly plush blankets.

4. I still set fourteen alarms ~just in case~ I wake up on time. Sorry to my roommates who endure those different beeping/melodic sounds. 

Hmm.. will trumpets or ‘hidden forest’ be more annoying tomorrow morning?

5. L O L, finally reached that point where you’re just over making excuses as to why you’re late. 


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