The Short and Sweet Guide to Being an Inspiration!



Dear grey haired dude on the stairmill next to me. You are inspiring. I was just about to step off the machine 10 minutes early but seeing you in the corner of my eye, face as red as a beet, beads of sweat dropping from your chin, you working hard inspired me to finish. Thank you.

Lessons from the stairmill? You never know who, what, or when you are inspiring another human being. You never know how much you are making a difference. You could never talk or even make eye contact with someone and you could have changed something in their day or life.  That kind word that you held back, could have made a difference to someone you least expect.

Here’s a few simple guidelines that we all can follow to be an uplifting person and inspirational to others:

1.) Be kind!
You know the cliché “Helping the only…

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