When You Leave Your Hometown

Larn Says

“I’ve never met a Kentuckian that wasn’t going home, or planning on going home soon”


I grew up in college town. Since I was raised there, I saw everyone mature and age into someone I never wanted to be. These people who I detested were fine with compliance, they were fine with a 9-5 office job for the rest of their lives, they were fine with average. In my mind, these students were the one’s to stay and go to college in our hometown. Therefore being subjected to life in this city for the rest of their lives. The thing about my hometown, is if you don’t get out when you have the chance, you never leave. This was not the life I saw for myself. I was hell-bent on getting out the day of high school graduation, but there were a couple of things no one told me about moving away at…

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