What you Find When you Live with 8 Girls

Larn Says

In my college experience, I have attended two universities, lived in 5 different locations, and have had a total of over TWENTY FIVE roommates. The past 3 years, I’ve lived with over 8 different girls. Over the years I’ve compiled a list of things most likely to be seen around a house laced with estrogen poison.

1: Macaroni and Cheese

Whether its white cheddar, Velvetta, Kroger brand, Kraft singles, Panera Mac, or homemade mac, women love their carbs and cheese. These boxes of golden goodness come in handy after break-ups, during hangovers, or any day that ends in the letter “Y”, honestly.

2: Wine

Wine is as important as water in many young women’s lives. And there are many occasions for when wine is readily accessed. Sometimes its at noon on a Tuesday, and there are never any judgments.

3. Monograms

I’m not personally a fan of having my initials everywhere…

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