Pros and Cons of Graduating

Larn Says

Pro: You’ve spent the past 4 years dealing with ridiculous professors and you’re finally done
Con: You’ll now spend the rest of your life working for bosses who think they’re God.

Pro: You’ve worked hard to make sure you have a great finishing GPA
Con: Be sure to ask your coworkers if your boss checked their transcripts either, because I promise you they didn’t

Pro: You were smart enough to come out of college debt free!
Con: You’ll work the rest of your life to make sure you keep yourself debt free, congrats!

Pro: You’re privileged to take time for yourself and figure out your life
Con: Chances are, it will be in your childhood bedroom back in your hometown

Pro: You’ve made the best friend you’ve ever had in college
Con: They’re going to pop out babies within the next 5 years and you’re going to be the babysitter

Pro: You’re officially off the…

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