Flea Chronicles

Larn Says


It’s been 245 days since I’ve infiltrated this strange place called “loo-uh-ville.” I must say, the exercise in this shelter is much more sufficient than what I got in my prison cage. The elevated surfaces that are used to climb to the other landings in the home provide me with adequate running room. I do most of this at 4am along with my lullaby yodeling to my eight moms.
My insides are sensitive, I require only the purest nibbles as sustenance. The first time my moms shopped for me, they gave me fish treats. They didn’t know about the fine niblet rule, and I erupted on a carpet. I don’t think that was suppose to happen.
I spend my days either commanding them to let me out into the screened in room so I can watch the flying animals in the outdoors. I also enjoy time spent laying on my crinkly tissue paper. I love my paper.  I would prefer…

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