Night of the Return of the Dual Record Releases 6/5/15

Thunder Under Louisville


In a little over a week Louisville’s music scene will once again test our ability to be in two places at the same time.  Last time it was Karass and Touch AC & Doctor Dundiff.  This time, on Friday June 6 Kaleidico and Coliseum will both be releasing new records.  Fortunately, it might be possible to see both bands.  Unlike the previous occasion, these shows aren’t across town from each other–they’re only a block apart.

Kaleidico-_BW Kaleidico in action, photo courtesy of The Paper.

Kaleidico will be playing at Zanzabar (2100 S Preston Street) in support of their new LP, Zoetic.  The new album isn’t available digitally yet, but if the previous release, Free Falling Waltz, is any indication, it will be fantastic.  The songwriting and production on that album sound seasoned and professional, with a sound that combines some of the best melodic elements of Radiohead’s OK…

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