Why Simply Thai Sucks

Eat, Drink, and Critique

Let’s start with my server, we’ll call him John…as in John Doe because I don’t know who or where the hell he was the whole time. Water, por favor? I don’t think he even smiled once. RBF though so, do you.

Blog in mind I was paying attention to the atmosphere…this kinda cute couple walked in and sat down in front of my table. Five minutes go by and they still have yet to be greeted (I’m still waiting on my wine) and it’s not busy at ALL. I then saw the woman try and get a servers attention not once, but twice (bro took no initiative). Finally, she got up and asked a server if they could be waited on. The waitress blew her off completely, it was almost comical…’Are we being Punk’d?’ or on that show that’s like ‘What would you do’? Side note: There were three tables…

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