10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Halo 5


2745465-halo5_keyart_horiz_final (2)

1. Since Halo 3, the plot of each following game has been spotty and fractured. But in this Halo, 343 is combining cannon from all the previous games, some of the books, and even the popular podcast series “Hunt The Truth.”

2. The Creative Director from Star Wars Republic Commando, Tim Longo, is on board as Halo 5’s Creative Director. And yes, he brought the squad gameplay mechanic with him.

3. Speaking of squad gameplay, the ability to command and interact with your AI squad will give Halo 5’s gameplay a completely new experience.

4. Oh yeah! Did I mention that your friends can jump in and out as any member of your squad seamlessly?

5. It seems that the Master Chief has finally met someone of equal, if not greater,maxresdefault caliber in Agent Locke, whom is hunting Master Chief and his squad across the galaxy.

6. But enough about the…

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