So… What Makes a Perfect Sentence?


So often I find myself drawn to wondering what good word crafting is. The published authors out there know, right? Or was it just a compelling story that got some of them on the New York Times Bestseller list?

Of course the discussion on word crafting versus story crafting is a whole other discussion. One I will likely post on in the coming days. But not this post, because this post is more of an inquiry into the world or writing.

Can someone just comment, message me, or show up at my door and tell me how to craft a perfect sentence? How do you put together a master level sentence that has perfect flow and grammar and could maybe possibly move the masses?

I’ve taken the grammar courses and studied the great, and underappreciated, authors of our history. But the problem with distinguished and beloved authors is that a…

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One thought on “So… What Makes a Perfect Sentence?

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