The Turnoffs of Tinder:


Tinder is an app for smartphones. Where you can either ‘like’ a person or ‘nope’ a person. Liking a person means you have chances to match a person, if the other person ‘likes’ you. When you match a person that means you can talk to them through messaging. If you ‘nope’ a person it means there isn’t a chance that you will match, and normally that person shouldn’t appear again.

Tinder has many flaws that make this app very superficial. For instance you can swipe left (for nope), or right (for like). Just on the physical appearance of the person.


This is what you first see whenever the person first becomes a contender for being a like, or a nope. It doesn’t show any information about that person other then their age and name. You can nope or like a person from this information and the one picture.

If you…

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