Nutty Buddy or Just Nutty??

Tidbits & Fiddlywinks

There is a new lunchtime policy at a local elementary school. Under the old system, children with food allergies were asked to sit at a special table. These children were allowed to bring a friend called a nutty buddy to sit at the table with them but no peanut products could be eaten around them. That way the kids could safely eat their lunches without having to worry about their allergies.

Once upon a time (Insert Disney Theme Here) a child at a local elementary school was allergic to peanuts. Now, this child knew she was allergic and chose to eat a product containing peanut butter anyway. Needless to say that child was sent to the hospital and the end of the story is not as happy as most Disney flicks. Understandable the school system wanted to protect from future incidents and created the Nutty Buddy system.

But this year and new system was…

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