Why Do I Like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain So Much? (May contain very slight spoilers… )


Maybe it’s how expansive and free roaming it is. Or maybe it has to do with just how beautiful the landscape is.

I mean, yeah… Those are some pretty great perks, and I do plan on touching on those subjects in this post. But what I really love about this game is just how freaking cool it is.

It really does seem like every single aspect of the game is geared toward the aim of being cool. From the beauty of the landscape to the various ways you can take down a base, it seems like the designers of the game really just want you to have fun.

The story opens up with an hour long cinematic/tutorial hybrid and then throws you in to the expansive(and did i mention beautiful?) Afghan Desert. I won’t spoil just how cool things really are, but I will say that things are not quite…

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