What Are Men Looking For Anyway?

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Earlier I made a post helping men figure out what women want/looking for. Today I plan to help women with the same issue because contrary to popular beliefs, women are not psychic and most of us have no idea what it is that men want.

I went around the Louisville campus, restaurants, and even a bowling alley in search for the answer to this question and was pleasantly surprised at what I discovered. The top 5 answers to the question what do men look for in a woman:

#5 Faith in God and Drive


We are living in 2015 and unlike our forefathers, men today do not want to have to take care of someone who refuses to take care of themselves. They want a woman with goals and who believes in something more than herself.

#4 Nice


Whoever said that nice girls finish last was clearly mistaken. Guys don’t want…

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