5 Reasons Why Rats are Great Pets!

Blind Bliss

Did you know that rats weren’t just those terrifying rodents that we see around the sewers? In fact, did you even know that there were different types of rats to begin with? Well if not, here is some shocking news for you: THERE ARE.

The common rat people seem to dislike due to diseases and infections are known as the black and brown rat. Have no fear! There are actually rats that are both human and pet friendly! GASP.

These little bundles of joy are called the fancy rat and are very different from their wild counterparts. They make great pets and are very tame. It is said by some that rats are typically the best first pet for a child to have, due to their rats smarts and harmlessness. Don’t believe me?

Here are 5 main reasons why having these wonders of joy could be a great experience for…

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