An Open Letter to Women’s Jeans Companies.

There She Goes

Dear Women’s Jeans Companies (especially to those who are geared towards a younger demographic),

I am a 21 year old woman who loves to wear skinny and boot cut jeans. They are comfortable, nice enough to wear to a majority of social situations, and, most importantly, they make me feel good about myself. So, thank you for that.

There is, however, one itty, bitty, little suggestions I would like to make.


It really isn’t that hard of a concept.

Pockets, to me, are more than just a storage device, they’re a safety net. They allow me to feel my phone when it vibrates, or allows me to keep my cash close to me when I am going to a concert and don’t want to carry my whole wallet. So, when I can’t even put my hand in my pocket, or when my…

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