Best Food in Cardinal Towne?

Gabi Gets Gabby

I got you. As long as you’re looking for the best food quickly near campus. AKA Card Towne food!!!

Now remember, this is according to me. So, if you don’t agree… I don’t really care. That’s why this is my blog. Just make sure you fill out the poll at the bottom and we can see what you all think!

6. 333 Express

Okay seriously? Gross. I was so pumped when I heard there was going to be a Chinese food place in CT and then I realized that this was it. It may be clean and have an A rating, but the food is actually disgusting. The chicken is a mix between chewy and hard. The rice is dry. And the price isn’t even that cheap! They should be paying me to eat there. My order: none.

5. Homerun Burger

Decent. We are getting better here, CT. If you…

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