Destiny is a Whole Lot Better With The Taken King Threatening Its Solar System.


Despite the ominous threat of The Taken King’s arrival in the galaxy, the world of Destiny really couldn’t have benefitted more. You see, much like Santa, The Taken King doesn’t come without his own bag of goodies.

The story is absolutely phenomenal. Cinematic cutscenes, more meaningful storytelling, and, yes, bigger and better guns and gear. Not to mention the new Subclasses for Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters.

Like I said, the story is great. But, as with Destiny tradition, you can beat it in a night. It’s what the story brings with it that players are going to enjoy. Besides the newest patrol location set on The Taken Kings ginormous spaceship, the game, as a whole, just got a lot bigger.

So the level cap is increased to 40, and to match a level 40 Guardian, the gear gets an increase in stats too. And there are swords. And, my personal favorite, The Hammer…

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