Comparing NBA Players to Top Rappers

Jokes > Facts.

  1. Lebron James = Drake
    Is this one not obvious? I dont think Drake is the best rapper skill wise at all but literally he can do no wrong. LeBrons lost in the Finals but…its Lebron. Drake is rapper making the most money out of them all right now.
  2. Kevin Durant = Kendrick Lamar

    Skill wise the best player on the planet. Has the good guy image. Pretty much the most versatile guy on the hardwood. Master of everything. But…just has to settle for 2nd place while Drake is being Drake.
  3. Steph Curry = J.Cole

    Almost hate to say this because i think J.Cole is kinda boring but he’s the most likable rapper on the planet. Everyone loves his character. Not a cocky dude. Recently sold a million albums.
    Steph curry might be the second best player skill wise in the world tho. J.Cole could be. Thats good enough.
  4. Russel Westbrook =…

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