Skateboarding in San Francisco

Stories By Tory

San Francisco is one of America’s most unique cities and skateboarding is one of America’s most unique subculture. The steep hills, perfect weather, and location make San Francisco a mecca for skateboarders around the world. Companies such as Spitfire, Thrasher, Antihero, and Thunder started out making and selling their products in San Francisco. Many skateboarders looking to make it in the industry move to California because it is where most of the skateboard companies in the world are located. San Francisco has many iconic street spots such as the DMV where people go to slappy curbs and the manual pads at Fisherman’s Wharf.

HB-610-3-sfw Last May I was lucky enough to spend a week in San Francisco. I’ve been skateboarding for about 11 years so I was beyond excited to be able to skate around the city.We stayed in the North Eastern part of San Francisco and could easily go explore the…

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