Are You More Than A Stereotype?

Gabi Gets Gabby

My whole life, I have been enveloped by stereotypes without even realizing it. You see,  growing up I have always been active. The best thing about my grandparents house in middle-of-nowhere Ohio was their yard. I would pack my soccer ball- even though now my mother tells me I was horrible at that game- and right when we pulled up, I would jump out. I was ready to pass the ball to the people willing to rotate in and out to keep up with my energy

What was the label thrown in my direction back then? Tomboy. 

As I aged, I slowly began to pack away my soccer ball, softball, basketball and fencing saber, the only things left hanging around were my cap and goggles. Although I wasn’t very good at swimming, I was a (self-proclaimed) athlete. Now that I’m more of a…

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