5 Reasons Why You Know I Need a Miley Break

Gabi Gets Gabby

1. I am the #1 player on QuizUp in the Miley Cyrus category in Kentucky.

So last night I decided to re-download the QuizUp app. I am a mastermind at Friends trivia (see first post) so I was originally looking for one of those. But before I could find it, I saw one that read “Miley Cyrus.” Boom. This is my stuff. Who else knows random facts about a celebrity majority of the world states they hate. A notification popped up and said I was #1 in KY. I am only level 11… What does it take do be #1 in the US? Time to conquer.


2. I used to have an entire folder of apps on my phone dedicated to Miley.

Keyword: used. Ok I am not that crazy, I was like 15 when I had these apps. Luckily, I don’t have that much room on my phone anymore, because…

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