Shelby Park: Reviving Their Heritage

Lending My Lens

The foundation of the past still lies as a hopeful catalyst for the future.

Shelby Park Community Center

To understand the Shelby Park Neighborhood one has to understand the history of the neighborhood. What made it tick in its early days over 150 years ago? Was it always the neighborhood outsiders view it as today?

To answers these questions time has left a trail of newspaper clippings, personal accounts, and physical evolutions that tell the story of Shelby Park.

In the 1840s Louisville began to see an increase in German residents who primarily populated the far eastern edge of Louisville. This area became known as Germantown. Two miles south of downtown and built along the edge of the L&N railway, Germantown began its rise as a hard-working, middle class neighborhood. The prosperity of the neighborhood was founded in its many mills, factories, and plants. Companies that sustained the neighborhood included Louisville Cotton Mills Co., Louisville…

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