Punishment Week Day 2: The Evolution of a Relationship

There She Goes

(For thr sake of anonymity, I have changed the names in this blog).

I have been dating my boyfriend for a really long time. Like, a REALLY long time.

Like…I’m 21, and we’ve been saying since I was 13. We had a 3 month break my senior year of high school, but besides that, it’s always been Chelsea and Collin.

We’ve been through it all with each other; first kisses, high school, college (even though I’m still currently in college), milestone birthdays, job changes, births, deaths… everything. The amount of stuff we know about each other is unbelievable.

In many ways, our relationship has evolved over the course of the 8-ish year period. In some ways, it’s been really subtle changes. In others, it has altered our personalities. In this post, I am wanting to talk about the ways we have changed over the years.

The 1-3 Year Stage


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