Top 5 Louisville bars a 20 year old is most excited for…

Gabi Gets Gabby

The worst year in college? Junior year. Why? Because either you’re 21 and your friends aren’t yet or all of your friends are 21 and you’re not yet. It is an awkward time at the pregames when you have to discuss with the sophomores and freshmen what their plans are for the evening and see if you can tag along with them while you watch your friends head off to St. Matthews or 4th Street Live!

Come April (actually June because #rowingprobs) I will be in my year of “20-fun” just like the rest of my fellow 2017 graduates, minus some of the real youngin’s birthdays.

I already have narrowed down the list of bars that I personally want to attend the moment I am allowed to be let in.

5. Sports and Social Club- 4th Street Live!

YAS. This place just looks fun. Who doesn’t want to have a…

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