Sooooo….How bout’ them Hyenas!!


What is the first thing that came to mind when you read that I would be talking about Hyenas?  What did you classify them as when you thought about Hyenas?  If you thought they were K-9’s…well you are “WRONG MUTHERFUDGE CAKES!!”  Hyenas are actually Phelines, but their aggressive behavior falls along the lines of K-9’s.

spotted-hyena_720_600x450Now that we got all that out the way let me tell you some interesting facts about the Hyena.  Hyenas are known to be scavengers.  They have a specialty for feeding on weak animals, and lame animals.  But don’t think for one second that these cats are sissy’s!!  According to the National Geographic, these animals are skilled enough to take down wildebeest and antelopes.  Hyena are found in Africa and humans and Hyena frequently run into each other on a daily bases.  These animals can ruin your livestock, and can become a huge death sentence to…

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